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Get In the Loop!

This orchestra classroom favorite is an entertaining introduction to "looping" as a solo performer. Peter introduces the audience to some basic & advanced looping gear, and best practices for using it. And of course, the  presentation is interspersed with live-looping performances of some of radio's top hits. 


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The Teacher As Leader

"Followers don't care how much we know - they want to know how much we care."  From the "5 Laws of Leadership" to the "3 Things Followers Ask of You," this dynamic leadership workshop poignantly reminds teachers, parents, and even students of their responsibilities as the leader in the classroom, home, or workplace. The leadership strategies presented have proven effective from small civic groups of ten members to entire school districts over 2000 teachers. 


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Sing a New Song!

How long does it take you to write a song? Is it just inspiration, or do you have to work at it? This presentation leads the audience through the process of "daily sensory writing" that can lead to writing lyrics and constructing a new song. Adapted from the Berkelee School "Songwriter's Handbook," poets and songwriters of all levels will leave with new inspiration!

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Ideas I Like!

As the 2014 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year, Mr. Markes was in over 40 music classrooms teaching and observing. During that time, he assembled a 20+ page document of ideas he liked, ranging from classroom management and relationship building to technology and organization strategies. Attendees of this engaging presentation will leave with ideas they can "use on Monday" in their music classrooms. All good teachers know the trick of stealing ideas, and the give-and-take format of this talk always brings up new ideas from the membership. 

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The First 10 Minutes... For FOUR Years!

The "Fundamentals" or "Daily-Drill" time is perhaps the most important part of a rehearsal. However, it can be a challenge to keep "The First 10 Minutes" fresh and engaging, especially for music teachers who often loop with the same students for many years. This session will demonstrate numerous FREE Resources for teaching and practicing scales, developing tone, sight-reading skills, and rhythm, as well as incorporate various stretches and brain breaks to get everyone through the long haul. 

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The Learning Triangle

Inspired by Harry Wong in The First Days of School, this presentation for classroom music teachers offers many resources for successfully writing objectives and creating meaningful music classroom activities and assessments to achieve those objectives. Objectives, Activities, Assessments...Oh My!

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45 Minutes to Improv!

The all-too-often comment about teaching improvisation is, "It makes me really uncomfortable," or "I've tried it and it just doesn't work for us - the kids are too nervous." The session breaks down improvisation from the "Giant Steps" into three 15-minute introductory lessons that teachers can offer their students in developing the ability to speak (not just read) their musical language. Resources will be provided for teachers to use as a guide in their own classrooms. Remember, there are no wrong notes, just better choices - your next concert can have some made-up notes...on purpose!


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Why Music Education?

A CIVIC GROUP MEETING FAVORITE - This music education advocacy presentation effectively and concisely breaks down just what our students are learning each day in the music classroom. Drawing connections to basic subjects - history, math, and literacy - as well as the intrapersonal skills of sensitivity, discipline, and endurance, Mr. Markes plays examples on his violin and quickly leads audience members to wish they could enroll themselves, their children and/or grandchildren in a music class today! Why Music Education will be an often-talked-about presentation at your monthly meeting.

Be Your Own Guest 

Have you ever wondered why your group sounds different (...better...) after a clinician visits? He or she always reinforces the same things that you say - so what's their trick? This presentation outlines numerous "clinician strategies" that you can use with your own group or anytime you are a guest in another classroom (...consider trading places for a day within your district...). Employing many simple ideas about tone production and culture building (what we allow, we accept), attendees will quickly see and hear the impact in their next rehearsal. 

Classroom Clinician, Honor Group or All-City Conductor, or Adjudicator

Mr. Markes has served as a guest clinician in over 20 orchestra classrooms across Oklahoma and abroad, as well as conducted the Southwestern Oklahoma State University Honor Orchestra, North Central Honor Orchestra, Texoma Honor Orchestra, Tri-State Music Festival Honor Orchestra, ASTA-Arkansas Honor Orchestra, and Western Arkansas All-Region Honor Orchestra, as well as All-City Orchestra Festivals for the Enid, Tulsa and Oklahoma City Public Schools. He conducted violin and guitar improvisation Masterclasses at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music, as well as for the Maracaibo (Venezuela) Music Conservatory. He has adjudicated numerous solo & ensemble and large group orchestra events and is a member of the Oklahoma Music Adjudicators Association.

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