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16 nov 2019 | 2:30pm

Peter Conducts the NW Arkansas All-Region Orchestra 

Peter puts on his old teaching hat and joins an incredible group of mid-high musicians for two days of workshops and a culminating concert.

25 nov 2019 | 3:30-5:00pm

Peter Plays "Jet Sets" at Will Rogers World Airport

Book a flight! Or let your Thanksgiving visitors know they should plan to fly in on Monday afternoon and have a travel experience like none other.

9 dec 2019 | noon-1:00pm

Peter Plays "Art Moves" with the Arts Council of OKC 

Location TBD. This program features a visual or performing artist every weekday throughout the OKC area. Check their website for more.

21 nov 2019 | 6-9:00pm

Peter Plays KEVO Black "Invite Only" Open House

The special guests of the KEVO Black luxury realty firm will be treated to a night of live-looping and guitar-vocal ballads as they enjoy one of OKC's finest homes.

29 nov 2019 | 9:00-noon

Peter Plays "Black Friday" at Zales in Penn Square Mall

Take a break from the biggest shopping day of the year and drop by for some calming favorites with Peter's Live-Looping violin show.

10 dec 2019 | 7:00pm

Horseshoe Road Plays "Jingle Bell Jam" at the UCO Jazz Lab

Join HSR for the annual tradition, filled with the usual fiery fiddling mixed in with the boys' take on some favorite holiday tunes.

23 nov 2019 | 1:30pm

Peter Conducts the North Central Oklahoma Honor Orchestra

Peter stays in the teaching arena for another weekend with some of OK's finest string musicians for two days of workshops and a final concert at OKCU.

8 dec 2019 | 6:30-9:00pm

Peter Plays Dillard's Men's Dept in Penn Square Mall

Drop by for great holiday and other live-looping music during this exclusive event.

15 dec 2019 | Morning

Peter & Friends Join Enid-Area Churches for Cantatas

The Enid First United Methodist Church (8:30) and Central Christian Church (10:15) will present their annual cantatas with Peter & his string playing buddies.


"No one sings a love song as sweetly."

"Amazing talent with the knowledge to back up his genuine flair...mainly his warmth and genuine love of music - he can engage with grannies to grandchildren! Book him now!"   

"Super musician and artist."

After a 16-year career in the orchestra classroom and being named the 2014 State Teacher of the Year in Oklahoma, I left teaching to pursue creating and sharing music full-time. Second only to my family, my greatest love is to play my guitar and sing with playing my violin a near second. James Taylor and the Beatles are spun the most on my record player, and I strive to write uplifting and encouraging lyrics accompanied by beautiful yet simple melodies. My latest musical adventure has led me to looping violin performances where each song is built live in front of the audience with nothing pre-recorded.

The greatest fortune in my musical life is having parents that viewed music as an essential part of the home. A near second has been making music with my friend and musical partner of over two decades, Kyle Dillingham. As part of his band, Horseshoe Road, I enjoy learning new songs of all genres and bringing to life the possibilities of changing lives through music. Learn more about us at www.HorseshoeRoad.net.



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